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Either you are accessing this page for the first time or you are already a frequent reader, I have the great pleasure to introduce you to my website and help you with anything is needed.I started my blog experience with the main purpose to promote my country and less known places which definitely worth more attention from each one of us.

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Meet different people, cultures, traditions and landscapes. Choose Romania to be your next destination and I promise you won’t regret a thing.

Upcoming Blog Posts

From exotic places to ski resorts, the list is almost endless and I can’t wait to help you discover them!

My Background

Along the time I jumped from a passion to another, starting with the love for drawing, then the digital art (graphic design) which later on was brought to a new level starting to create travel videos so I can show off the places I visit more than just in pictures and a few words, and the most recent passion is blogging, starting 2 years ago on a Blockchain where I learned lots of things and I saw my abilities being appreciated by various people which made me think that it’s also the time to start my personal blog as well.

How I got started?

I was bitten with the travel bug when I was 10 years old or even younger.
My parents took me and my sister on different adventures around my country, starting with short trips on the weekend until we discovered the camping lifestyle and so it became like a tradition to always spend like two weeks in the wilderness every summer besides the random journeys along the year.
Since then, I’ve been traveling here and there in Romania and I plan to discover every single corner of it!

The beginning of something beautiful…

I do believe that every human being is able to do what (s)he loves for a lifetime, so here is the beginning of my journey.
Will you join me?

Discover Romania

Find out more about some of the most beautiful and hidden treasures of the world.

Discover Spain

Visit Barcelona and learn about its architecture and history.

Where next?

The world is ours. And it’s our mission to entirely discover it.

Partnerships & Sponsorships

To do great things and make a change in the world, is needed a dedicated team, so if you want to move the mountains together and make Romania a better place, or if you are searching for someone to promote your products,
I’m here for you.

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